2012 Community Impact Project Kicks Off


Providing direct services to those affected by cancer is one of our primary missions here at LIVESTRONG. And one of the great ways we provide these critical services is through our Community Impact Project (CIP). 2012 CIP season is now open!

CIP has two important phases, application, followed by voting. Starting today through 5 p.m CT February 10, hospitals, cancer centers and community-based organizations can apply to bring one or more of the four model programs to their community.

If you work  at a hospital, cancer center or community-based organization, the first step towards bringing one of these great programs to your community is to apply. Or, if you think your community could use a LIVESTRONG program to help local cancer survivors, contact organizations in your community and encourage them to apply. If you’re a fundraiser or event organizer and you’re often asked, “What does LIVESTRONG do for our community?” here’s a great way to answer that question. Since 2010, CIP has funded the development of over 200 programs to communities across the country.

By taking part in CIP, you can not only bring great programs to your area, but help thousands of people in the process as they navigate their way through the cancer experience. You can read about the four model programs available for replication this year below.

The Creative Center: Hospital Artist in Residence Program  brings the arts to people with cancer, chronic illness and through all stages of life as a way to help them discover their own creative resources while meeting the challenges of diagnosis, treatment and survivorship.

LIVESTRONG at the YMCA® is a research-based program that offers people affected by cancer a safe, supportive environment to participate in physical and social activities focused on strengthening the whole person. Participants work with Y staff trained in supportive cancer care to achieve their goals such as building muscle mass and strength; increasing flexibility and endurance; and improving confidence and self-esteem.

Palliative Care Advanced Certification is designed for hospitals wishing recognition for providing state-of-the-art palliative care services to patients and families throughout the continuum of a serious illness.  This initiative seeks 20 hospital-affiliated cancer centers wishing to achieve the new Joint Commission certification.

Pillars4Life is a patient/caregiver support program that has been proven to enhance quality of life for cancer patients and allows hospitals and their social workers to more efficiently triage and attend to the psychosocial needs of a much greater number of patients.

To learn more and find out how to apply, go to LIVESTRONG.org/Community.

Don’t forget to check back in March to vote to bring programs to your community. And as always, thanks for all you do, and especially for helping make the 2012 Community Impact Project another successful venture!


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