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What was the best thing that you did in 2011?

Our CFO, Greg, ran his first marathon.

My colleague Brenda attended RAGBRAI for the first time. And then beat cancer for the 4th time.

Brenda and Mary

Brenda and Mary at RAGBRAI

Two staff relay teams represented Team LIVESTRONG in the AVIA Austin Triathlon.

And members of our Mission Team celebrated the survivorship of hundreds at the finish line of the Team LIVESTRONG Challenge event in Austin.

Working here means there?s no shortage of athletic inspiration, but it also means there?s no reason not to combine your athletic goals with raising awareness.

Remember that New Year?s resolution you set a mere 20 days ago? What’s the best thing you’re going to do in 2012?

If you’re committed to getting fit and keeping active while making a difference, Team LIVESTRONG is here to help you reach your goals.

At a Team LIVESTRONG event, you can meet survivors and supporters who are hitting the streets to raise awareness, spread the word and help raise vital funds to keep us strong. You can also learn about passionate connections to this disease and witness attitudes laced with positive rebellion, strength and empowerment.

If you?re ready to recommit to yourself and your resolution, we invite you to join Team LIVESTRONG and make 2012 one to remember.

Join the Team to be the first to know about events in your area.

Or if you simply can?t wait to get started and kick cancer?s a**, register today for one of our events and get inspired.

See you at the finish line!

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