Three Ways to Get Your Fundraising Rolling


When you prepare for an athletic challenge, like the LIVESTRONG Austin Marathon and Half Marathon, a Challenge event or any one of our other great Team LIVESTRONG events, it helps to have a coach. Likewise, when you’re raising funds for the fight against cancer, having someone to share sound advice and strategies with you can go a long way to helping you find success and reaching your goals.

One of our resident fundraising experts, Matt Florio, has fundraising advice to get you started as we look forward to another amazing year of Team LIVESTRONG, our partnered events and grassroots fundraising.

If you are a current Team LIVESTRONG participant don’t forget you can always reach out to your fundraising mentor with any questions you have, or email

If you’re not a part of Team LIVESTRONG learn how you can join or become a grassroots fundraiser at

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