Making It Happen – Your 2012 Bucket List


This week millions of people will resolve in 2012 to make significant changes in their lives; from quitting smoking, to eating better, to getting back in shape, to losing ?X? amount of pounds, and on and on and on.  And while these are all great goals – especially the four I listed – there are two things that are critically missing to give a realistic chance of success: a goal (or goals) and a plan.  The proverbial ?bucket list? we often speak of, this one being more short term.

It?s my experience that broad ideas are not really achievable because there?s no real way to measure your success, or lack thereof.  Think about one of the most common resolutions, ?I want to get back in shape.?  What that means to one person can be completely different to another.  But if you assign a specific goal to that overall desire, like being able to complete a 5k, you have something.

The LIVESTRONG Austin Marathon and Half Marathon coming up on Feb 19 is another great example of a specific goal. It takes about 4-5 months to prepare, depending on your current level of fitness and regular training regimen, so that may be out of reach right now, but in the process of training you learn self discipline as you stick to the plan, hopefully focusing on proper nutrition as well to reduce weight – making you faster and fitter ? and it?s a long term training effort so the results are sustainable. Think about setting a goal that sets you up for long term success.

*** I think a word here about motivation is also very appropriate.  When you take on a significant task there will always be highs and lows as the process progresses.  For me, I need some excellent motivation to not only get me over through the low points, but to also make the transition from not just being successful but also significant. By participating in Team LIVESTRONG events, I know that I?m not only going to have a great physical experience but I?m making a real difference in the fight against cancer and supporting the 28M people around the world living with and through this disease.  That?s truly motivating, especially when I recall all the stories of triumph and loss we hear on a daily basis? so find out what motivates you, and stay close to it.

From the 30,000 foot vision to some attainable and meaningful goals, the one thing that is now missing is the plan.  Once again, Team LIVESTRONG is here for you as well.  Our great staff will not only help you achieve your physical goals through effective training plans, but they?re also there for you to coach you in achieving your fundraising goals.  No one becomes an accomplished cyclist without hours of practice and guidance, likewise becoming a solid fundraiser requires skills sets and advice, and we can make that happen!

So back to the bucket list.  What?s on mine?  As I continue my ?Fittest at 50? program, I?ve got these events highlighted on my calendar:

LIVESTRONG Austin Half Marathon ? February 19

Swing4Yellow San Diego ? March 26

St. Anthony’s Triathlon – April 29

Dick’s Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon – May 6

Iron Horse Bicycle Classic – May 30

Team LIVESTRONG Challenge Davis – June 24

RAGBRAI – July 22-28

Team LIVESTRONG Challenge Philly – August 18?19

Team LIVESTRONG Challenge Austin – October 21, 2012

So what are you going to do to make a difference in your life, and hopefully millions of others, in 2012?  You can find out more about our events and opportunities and make up your own bucket list by going to  I hope to see many of you out on the roads and trails, best of luck to us all, and THANKS ? for all you do! ? Cb?



  1. Rica Mendes says:

    1) Finish chemo
    2) Finish surgeries with no complications, hospital stays
    3) See my kids through this whole cancer mess as whole, and stronger than before
    5) Ride the NYC 5 Boro Tour as part of (Grassroots) Team LIVESTRONG
    6) Be able to ride a century by the end of the summer, again
    7) Run enough successful fundraisers to reach Ride for the Roses status a second year in a row
    8) Ride a decent distance (65 at least) at the Team LIVESTRONG Challenge Austin ? October 21, 2012
    9) Participate in a First Descents event
    10) Help at least one other woman find her breast cancer early enough that she and her family endure the least amount of pain and interruption to their lives and to LIVE STRONG.

  2. Guest says:

    I would love to participate, and am in total support of the cause, but when I went to find out information, I saw I can’t participate in the marathon for team Livestrong unless I fundraise $750 dollars and I don’t know if I could do that. I saw the suggestions on how, but I’m not convinced I can get the first dollar outside my own purse. So I guess I remain in support from the sidelines, so to speak-

  3. Chris Hurff says:

    2012 Bucket List.
    Nautica SB Triathlon.
    St. Anthony’s Triathlon.
    Iron Horse Classic.
    Ride 4 Yellow.
    Nautica Malibu Triathlon.
    Livestrong Challenge Austin.
    Including several local criteriums, time trials, road races and mt. bike races.

    Outside of active events, I will be producing a Livestrong Day event,
    and the following events to benefit Livestrong;
    Golf Tournament
    Bowling Tournament
    Bicycle Tour
    and a few cool things I’ll share at a later date.

    Looking forward to an amazing 2012 and a very cool journey ahead.


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