LIVESTRONG: Changing Lives World-Wide


You have heard that LIVESTRONG is changing lives world-wide, but what does it mean? What does it mean to the average person that we are working in South Africa and in Mexico to end cancer stigma? It means hope. Your donations this year have allowed our work in these countries to change lives and your continued financial support will help us reach so many more in 2012.

Hundreds of people in South Africa received a knock on their doors this year that have saved lives. LIVESTRONG and partners John Snow Inc. came together and created an on-the-ground campaign to end the stigma of cancer in South Africa. Health educators from local communities, many of them cancer survivors, went door-to-door to talk about cancer, the stigma surrounding the disease and to share their own personal cancer survivor stories. This, along with a strong media and community event campaign, has significantly reduced stigma of cancer in the country. Read more about the outcomes of the campaign in a blog from earlier this month.

Your continued donations will help us expand this program in 2012 where we will be continuing the cancer anti-stigma campaign in Mexico and introducing it in Japan. Campaigns like these take tons of coordination, collaboration and funds to make them culturally relevant and have a real solid impact. We can’t do it without you. Please watch the video about the success we had in South Africa and donate today at

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