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At LIVESTRONG we refuse to accept that often, more than a decade passes between when research is conducted and its impact on patient care. We believe that the people affected by cancer who invest their time and energy in our research efforts deserve to directly benefit from what we learn, when we learn it.

By leveraging our committed constituency, our government and non-government partners in cancer advocacy, and the trusted name recognition we?ve built over the past fourteen years, LIVESTRONG efficiently and effectively executes research projects that are not always possible in other settings. Our research is informed by the most pressing questions in the evolving field of survivorship research, and by what we hear on a daily basis from the people affected by cancer. Our research program is unique in that we hear?and respond to?the voices of people affected by cancer, whether from constituents who follow us online, participate in events and initiatives such as Team LIVESTRONG and LIVESTRONG Day, or use our navigation services.

We turn the data we gather into reports for the public and use these reports as tools to advocate for and provide a voice to the cancer survivors who share their stories with us. Many of our reports highlight important lessons we have learned through our work, while others focus attention on the global burden of cancer or provide unique insight into the cancer experience. You can read all of our reports online , including our most recent brief that addresses how our constituents think Supporting the Fight Against Cancer makes them feel.

We also turn data from the results of our programs and services into peer reviewed publications and share our findings at national and international conferences. In 2011, we were published in several journals including the Journal of Oncology Practice, Cancer, and the Journal of Cancer Education. We also presented at conferences of organizations such as the American Public Health Association, the Society of Behavioral Medicine and the American Society of Clinical Oncology. A few examples of our recent publications and presentations from members of our Mission and Advocacy & Engagement Team are included below:

Finally, our research efforts often rely upon on our constituents taking time to share their experience with us. We cannot thank you enough for all of your time and support! We will continue to share your voice throughout the cancer community!


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