A 2012 Challenge – the St. Anthony’s Triathlon


The dawning of a New Year brings to many the chance to work to achieve something significant in their lives, for example: getting in shape, losing weight, or taking that dream vacation.  Well what if I told you that you could achieve all three of these things AND make a big difference in the fight against cancer?

Team LIVESTRONG has an event for you:
St. Anthony?s Triathlon located in beautiful
Tampa Bay, Florida, Sunday, April 29, 2012!

Now before you start telling me you?re not an Ironman and there?s no way you can swim, bike, and run 140.6 miles, I?ve got some good news for you: St. Anthony?s is NOT a full Ironman, rather it?s what is referred to as an ?Olympic? distance race.  For those not fully familiar with this shorter format, that entails a 1 mile swim, a 25 mile bike ride, and a 6.2 mile run (or in kilometers, 1.5K, 40K, and 10K) ? a doable race for practically anyone.

But like any good race, you will need to train for this and therein lies the secret to any successful program: a solid goal (but in this case, you?ll have multiple goals to strive for).  First off is the physical one.  You?ll have four months to get ready, and Team LIVESTRONG will be right there alongside to support you. Triathlon training is one of the best ways you can get in shape / lose weight and you have a challenging yet attainable race day goal to motivate your every move.

The second goal will be helping support the mission of LIVESTRONG by raising at least $1000 to provide direct services to the 28M people around the world living with cancer, as well as an incredible platform for advocacy in the fight against this disease.  By raising these funds you?ll receive guaranteed race registration, a Team LIVESTRONG tri top, hat and race belt, a personalized fundraising website, tools, one-on-one support from LIVESTRONG staff, and special group activities the weekend of your race.

And your third goal is that dream vacation spot I spoke.  Tampa Bay in the springtime is one of THE destination spots in America, and you?ll be there fit and trim and ready to celebrate once you?ve achieved your goal!  Want something a little more to do than just lie in the sun and soak up the glory? Disney World is just a two hour drive away.

So while you?re freezing a bit this winter, give a thought to the sun and fun of Florida and the St Anthony?s Triathlon with Team LIVESTRONG.  We?d love to have you part of the team ? or at any Team LIVESTRONG event ? and thanks, for all you do!


  1. ky lee, says:

    wow ~ looks very interesting and exciting. must be successful lance.

  2. Trent brockie says:

    I’m in! how do I join the live strong team?

  3. I hope to see all of you there. This is my first Triathlon and I am already excited.

  4. Teadye says:

    While technically St Anthony’s *is* in the Tampa Bay area, more precisely it’s in St Pete, the start being downtown right on the marina/waterfront. Lots of great hotels, wonderful restaurants and bars, and plenty of tourist stuff to do including the Gulf Coast beaches only minutes away on the west side of the peninsula.

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