Cancer and Relationships Class Review and Handouts


A few weeks ago LIVESTRONG embarked on a new effort in our Navigation Services Center. We streamed our first navigation class live online. The classroom was full, but more than twice that showed up to the class virtually. We can’t wait to host another virtual class online soon. More information to come on the LIVESTRONG Navigation Center class schedule for 2012.

Dale Milner is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, a licensed kundalini yoga instructor, sex therapist and a cervical cancer survivor. She provides excellent tips about how to deal with relationships, sex and intimacy during and after cancer. Watch the video of the class below. Follow along with Dale on the following handouts. Dale’s outline for the session and suggested conversation starters are linked below. Feel free to print these PDF’s out and place them with your LIVESTRONG Guidebook for future reference.

Cancer and Relationships Handout and Outline

Conversation Starters


  1. Blanche Rutherford says:

    One comment made is not true. Cancer can start as a virus as cervical cancer is the HPV virus so this “expert” does not know the facts about her own type of cancer and how it was caused.

    1. LIVESTRONG says:

      It is true that certain viruses, like HPV, cause cancer; however, cancer itself is a non-communicable disease. For more information about HPV, please visit our blog post from 2010:

    2. Nobody says:

      so true

  2. Dale says:

    It’s important to note that not all cervical cancers are cause by HPV viruses nor do all people who have a HPV virus develop cervical cancer. Cervical cancer “can” start as a virus and is implicated in a high percentage of cases but not all. If you have an HPV virus, please have your regular check-ups and follow your doctors recommendations.
    Dale Milner, LCSW

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