Mo Sistas Necessary in Movember


Movember?s stated mission is to ?change the face of men?s health,? but the reality is that without the women in our lives, this important goal probably wouldn?t happen.  The campaign divides the sexes into ?Mo Bros? and ?Mo Sistas? and in this edition we?d like to focus on the ladies that make it happen come moustache growing season.  Now no one expects the ladies to be sporting a real Mo any time soon, but they can actively participate by organizing teams and events, donating to the Mo Bro in their life, help rally support for the cause, and of course attend a highly anticipated Gala Parte’ at the conclusion.

?Women are a critical element of Movember,? said Jennie Loev, one of the main Movember Austin, Texas organizers. ?From their level of passion and engagement to the fact that many men will confess that they went to the doctor at the insistence of the women in their lives. At the same time, the women who get involved tend to be great organizers, PR-savvy, smart, and capable contributors to all elements of the campaign.?

Here at LIVESTRONG, our own Director of Health Policy, Loyce Pace Bass, has found a unique way to both participate and fundraise: Frovember. ?I was chatting with the Movember guys and talked about how Mo Sistas shouldn?t just be supporting Mo Bros but also be able to take an active part in the growing process themselves!? she said.  ?I know some Sistas have done things like not shaven their legs or waxed their eyebrows. So, given my crazy hair follicle situation, I thought it would be a good idea to rock the afro for a month. I?d already been starting to test it out and always got questions about why I was doing it and for how long. So, I figured Movember coupled with the ?fro would be a great conversation-starter for men?s health. So far, I?ve raised over $300 from friends and coworkers that want to support me. I?ve also been able to take on challenges (thus, the ?frohawk?) as an incentive for people to donate. The frohawk alone brought in $100 so I?m encouraging folks to present new afro-style challenges!?

So whether it?s being in a supporter or organizer role, or finding your own unique way to join in, there?s plenty of room and need for women in Movember.  Jennie summed up the campaign ? from a Sista?s perspective ? this way: ?Honestly, I?ve always been concerned that men don?t have a strong enough outlet or spotlight in cancer education and public health overall. I?ve even tried, without much success, to do my part through community-based programs. But Movember is so much more effective, and such fun. I?m glad I get to be a part of this amazing movement that increases awareness and action by men affected by or at risk for prostate cancer worldwide.?

So our hats are off today to the women in the world that are such an important part of the Movember experience.  Thanks indeed ? for all you do! – and you can find out all about the campaign at



  1. Dspwilson says:

    Thank you to all the Mo Sistas! You are absolutely awesome.

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