5 Tips For Unlocking the RadioShack & LIVESTRONG badge on foursquare


From Santa toilet-seat covers to fossilized fruit cake, every year millions of people are affected by gifts that are wrong. So wrong, in fact, we decided to call them out in this year?s holiday marketing campaign for RadioShack. We?re on a mission to turn ?so wrong? misses into ?So Right?.

This season we?re giving RadioShack shoppers a chance to get in on the ?So Right? action by raising money for LIVESTRONG. Using foursquare, a smartphone application, users can check in to places and unlock the LIVESTRONG and RadioShack ?So Right? badge. Every badge unlocked before Dec. 31 earns a $1 donation to support the global fight against cancer. To date, RadioShack?s associates and customers have raised more than $9 million and now we?re upping the ante one check-in at a time.

Before you go out and start checking in all over town, here are a few tips to ensure your thumbs are well prepared to unlock the badge and make it so right.

1) Setting-up
First things first. Once you?ve downloaded the foursquare mobile application and set-up an account, be sure you follow RadioShack. Just search for our brand name and join the club. The foursquare app is available on iPhone, Android and BlackBerry devices.

2) Checking In
Foursquare veterans know that checking in to places is fun, simple and pretty addictive as you read tips, reviews and see pictures of previous visits. From coffee shops and schools, to concerts and airports, every check-in counts towards earning badges, points and even mayorships.

3) Earning The Goods
Remember, the ?So Right? badge is earned not given so it requires some actual interaction on your part. Nope, you don?t have to ride a bicycle 100 miles but you will need to explore your city and perform ?So Right? tasks. The badge is unlocked by checking in at any 2 venues featuring volunteering, community service, saving money, exercising or shopping. There are literally thousands of places to go so be creative!

4) Visiting The Shack
No foursquare badge would be complete without a casual visit to your local RadioShack, store right? After checking in at 2 of the venue categories outlined above, shop the Shack and check-in!

5) Unlocking Dollars
Once you?ve checked in at RadioShack the badge is yours and we?ll donate $1 to LIVESTRONG! When done properly, you?ll receive a congratulatory message on your phone and unveil the ?So Right? badge. Tweet it, Facebook it and tell the world how you did something so right for the holidays! Spread some holiday cheer and help those dollars add up.

Cancer undoubtedly falls in the ?so wrong? category. By the end of this year, 1.6 million new cases of cancer will be diagnosed in the United States alone. As a LIVESTRONG partner, we?re thrilled that mobile technology can power awareness, funds and action against this disease. Let?s make it a ?So Right? year by unlocking badges and unchaining hope.

Thanks for the support!

Adrian Parker, RadioShack
Director, Social Media & Digital Strategy

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