Livestream: Cancer and Relationships Class


Relationships are challenging for everyone at the best of times but when a cancer diagnosis and treatments are added to the list of stressors, it can be overwhelming for many couples. LIVESTRONG is hosting a class at the LIVESTRONG Cancer Navigation Center in Austin for cancer survivors (in and out of treatment) and their loved ones. We are going to explore the fundamentals of healthy relationships and the effects that cancer has on the cognitive, emotional and physical aspects of intimacy. We will cover some practical approaches and adjustments that can make intimacy easier as well as how to have discussions about sexual concerns with your partner and your health care team.

Not in Austin but still want to participate? We encourage you to follow along via the Livestream broadcast below from 6-8pm CST on Wednesday the 16th and ask questions via the chat feature. LIVESTRONG will moderate and submit your questions to the group facilitator during the session for response.


  1. LIVESTRONG says:

    If you are participating this evening, we ask that you please fill out the following survey: at the end of the class. This will help us shape future classes and learn what you need. Thanks!

  2. Andy says:

    How do most people deal with the physical aspect of a relationship when a partner is diagnosed as cancer limits libido?

    1. LIVESTRONG says:

      I will pass on your question to the facilitator. She will address your question during the session. Stay tuned.

  3. Scribelle says:


    1. LIVESTRONG says:

      Please use the chat button within the chat feature. We’re taking questions.

  4. Scribelle says:

    If the husband loses sexual interest after breast cancer, how do you regain intimacy? Can intimacy be restored without sex if that’s the only option?

    1. LIVESTRONG says:

      Great question. I’m passing this along to the facilitator. Stay tuned to her class.

  5. Jazziwon says:

    Will this broadcast be available on the Livestrong web site for any amount of time or just live?

    1. LIVESTRONG says:

      We are taping it right now. It will be available in a day or so. We will post it to

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