The ING NYC Marathon 2011


ING NYC Marathon 2011 is all wrapped up, but the stories and the people we were able to connect with this week we will carry with us for many weeks. LIVESTRONG‘s Senior Director of Development, Nick Denby, said it best regarding our Core Values at our team dinner last night. We want to change the way the world fights cancer, and we can?t do that alone. A group like this is a perfect example of that. 225 runners from all over the world that laced up their shoes on Sunday morning and to fight like hell through 26.2. As our staff had cow bell ready at mile 18, it was clear that our team had come prepared that morning. We truly could not say thank you enough to this group of individuals that has now raised $870k! Thank you for allowing us to reach more people through our programs and thank you for believing in this shared cause.

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Here are just a few reasons why our runners joined us this weekend and a few pictures to capture what we love about NYC and Team LIVESTRONG!

Janet Stott
?LIVESTRONG was there for us when we needed practical information, support and a positive attitude. It is a place anyone affected by cancer can go to for free, confidential, one-on-one help, regardless of type or treatment stage. While the cancer may have my husband?s body, it has never really left our lives. 28 million people globally – we need to find a cure. We want to make sure this happens within our lifetime.?

Victoria Tomkinson

?I joined Team LIVESTRONG because I wanted to train and race with a bigger purpose, one that would help people whose illness had left them too weak to get out of bed, let alone run or ride a bike. Within that bigger purpose is a more personal one, related to my own family history of cancer. I joined Team LIVESTRONG to celebrate my sister?s achievement in facing down breast cancer with such grace and grit.?

Katelyn Huber

?To me, the LIVESTRONG mission is one of passion and strength, two things a cancer survivor needs to overcome their battle. I have never found a foundation that reaches out to help the person with cancer like LIVESTRONG does. I see the importance in what they are doing and wanted to be a part of the team so I ran with Team LIVESTRONG and will never run any other way.?

We have many great events open for runners in 2012! Join us.

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