A Mo Tie Affair


The month of Movember here in Austin continues to roll along with a great event here at LIVESTRONG HQ last Friday as we hosted a ?Mo Tie Affair.? The very successful event combined a cocktail party with a silent auction for over 100 Austinites and really captured the Movember spirit of building community, getting the message out about the campaign, and having a lot of fun in the process.

The Austin organizing committee worked with local vendors (Wahoo?s, My Fit Foods, Angel?s Envy, and Honest T) to get great food and drink donated while other key team members acquired excellent silent auction items, most with a definite moustache related theme. Add in great event support from local rugby team The Huns and the awesome atmosphere of our HQ and we were definitely set up for success.

While everyone enjoyed the eats, drinks, and auction our CEO and 3-time cancer survivor Doug Ulman met many of the attendees before he and Aaron Strout, head of the Austin local organizing committee, addressed the crowd. ?We?re honored to be friends and partners with great organizations like Movember,? Doug said. ?But neither of us could do our missions without the amazing support we receive from people like you ? the Mo Bros and Sistas ? so thank you!?

One of the often asked questions about Movember is why are women so involved / important to the cause? That?s because men?s attitudes towards their personal health is arguably 30 years behind where women are today. Without their leadership by example ? and their ability to get us to take action ? doing things like getting regular check-ups and seeking treatment when appropriate probably wouldn?t happen. And they do great work leading teams and putting on events like the Mo Tie Affair.

As the music fired up and the evening continued our sites are already set for the next big event this Saturday: Scandemonium – a high tech scavenger hunt designed to test your wit and your fitness ? where teams of two compete to solve clues, find locations and complete physical and mental challenges in a race against the clock. What?s going on in your neck of the Mo woods? Find out here at the event section of Movember.com, and thanks ? for all you do!

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