Fittest at 50: Five Hours


When we look at our lives it’s not hard to see just how busy we are. But yet – as a population – we still have a tremendous problem with being overweight and in some cases obese. As I consider my journey, I can’t help but notice it’s not lack of exercise, nor necessarily what I eat – it’s more of an issue of when.  Consider a typical day, 24 hours:

– 7 hrs sleep

– 2 hrs breakfast / get to work

– 1 hr exercise (time of day varies)

– 1 hr lunch

– 8 hrs work

5 hrs evening free time

See where this is headed?  The first 19 hours are well accounted for.  I’m either resting or busy, either working or working out.  But aah, after being done for the day and ready to unwind here in Austin, the temptations of an active social life appear.

How easy is it to leave work, head for Happy Hour with friends, then decide to go out for dinner and maybe listen to some music or a nightcap?  Too easy.  And so that means making some lifestyle changes, but not so much in that I have to stop having a social life (trust me, that’s not going to happen) but in the choices I make as part of that process.

For instance, Happy Hour = one glass of wine.  Period.  Dinner?  Choose healthy foods and have sparkling water to drink with it, maybe another glass of wine.  Night cap?  Coffee or tea, it’s perfectly acceptable…

Now the other alternative is to find something to do regularly that also fills some of that time.  You could take a class, join a sports team, watch a movie – the point is that we have choices to make and the path of least resistance can lead to empty and unnecessary calories and a headache in the morning.  It’s your call, choose wisely.  Ciao for now – Cb…

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