Second “Swim for your Life” a Success!


On a gorgeous, crisp Fall morning at Lake Lanier Resorts, just north of Atlanta, Georgia several hundred swimmers joined Eric Shanteau and his Olympic swimmer friends in the fight against cancer.  The event challenged the swimmers in a timed 5000m and 1000m open water course on the very lake where Eric grew up.  Throughout the day the athletes were reminded of the importance of being able to give back and finding ways to use their sport – or whatever else they are passionate about – to make a difference.

Joining Eric were some of the greatest American swimmers of all time, including “the voice of swimming” Rowdy Gaines, a 3-time gold medal winner and hall of famer.  Add in current Olympians like Aaron Piersol, Katie Hoff, Ous Mellouli, Tyler McGill and many others and the quality of competition was off the chart.  But this was no A-list only swim, every single athlete was on the course at the same time, getting a chance to go head to head with some of the best swimmers on the planet.  Afterwards everyone stayed for autographs and photos, lunch and the awards ceremony, followed by a swim clinic that once again the Olympians played key roles in.

It was truly a great day for swimming, and an even better one for the fight against cancer.  You can learn more at or, and thanks, for all you do!

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