Lifetime’s “Five” Premiers Tonight


Cancer is a uniquely personal experience, right? During my diagnosis I sometimes found myself venturing into some very dark and scary places in my mind. And more often than not, I found myself completely filled to the very brim with love, joy and peace. I thought that I was alone in feeling this extreme sway of emotion.

But after having the chance last week to preview Lifetime Televisions new film ?Five? I realize that my experience wasn?t that unique after all.

The film weaves together the story five women, all of whom find themselves hearing the dreaded words ?you have breast cancer?. Some are young, some are older, some saw it coming due to family history, while others were completely shocked because they were too young and too healthy for cancer. Most of you can recognize yourself in one of these scenarios, right?

?Five? illustrated for me what my cancer diagnosis and the many months that followed may have been like for my family, friends and colleagues. After about 30 minutes of realizing that Lifetime and their writers, producers and actors had totally nailed so much of the experience from the survivor perspective?surely they must have done the same from the vantage of a sister, a best friend, a mother, a husband. It made me appreciate my family and friends even more (who knew that was even possible!) and I plan to gather with them to watch this film. It airs tonight at 9pm/8pm CST.

Yep, you nailed it Lifetime. Thank you for talking openly about cancer. Thank you for sharing the stories of these women, their families and their friends. I encourage all of you to watch this film. I guarantee that you will catch glimpses of yourself or someone that you care about.


  1. Shine says:

    I read this somewhere. Having cancer is a blessing because you can prepare for your death unlike sudden death like dying in an accident or having a heart attack.

  2. Nicole says:

    I am definitely going to watch this. My heart goes to every women especially mothers going through cancer.

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