Finding A Counselor


Today is National Depression Screening Day and National Mental Health Awareness Week. At LIVESTRONG we know that cancer does not just affect your body, it can affect your emotions as well and in some cases can actually cause depression and other emotional situations like post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). We want everyone to know that we offer free counseling and support services for those in treatment, out of treatment and family members and friends as well.

I sat down with our LIVESTRONG Emotional Support Navigator, Athan Schindler, to discuss the basics of counseling. How do I know if I need a counselor, how to find a counselor, what type is best for me and what to expect on a first counseling session. The video below addresses these steps.

For more detailed information regarding how to find a counselor, please visit our website and view the article titled “Finding a Counselor“.

Please call us 1-855-220-7777 or fill out our support and information request form in order to speak to Athan or one of our other trained professional counselors. Take your mental health seriously. There is no need to suffer and you don’t get bonus points for “grinning and bearing it” alone. Be good to yourself and talk to a professional.


  1. I was diagnosed in 1989…….testicular cancer. Given 50/50 to survive. I did. I never sought therapy, a mistake. Today, 21 years later I suffer from severe depression. Cancer contributed to my current illness, have no doubt.


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