Nike Boom and Team LIVESTRONG


Team LIVESTRONG, the latest feature on the Nike BOOM iOS and Android app, is taking the push to support the 28 million people living with cancer to an exciting new platform. If you?ve always wanted to join Team LIVESTRONG but weren?t able to participate in one of our Challenge or endurance events, Nike Boom is your answer.

With Nike Boom, you can join Team LIVESTRONG and raise funds for the fight against cancer by setting donation goals and asking friends to donate?all from your smartphone. As you train with the music motivation app, a message is shared to your Facebook or Twitter page, announcing that you?re working out to raise money for LIVESTRONG and pointing friends to your personal fundraising page, where they can contribute. What better way to celebrate the success of LIVESTRONG Day than to show your support and get in a good workout in this cool new way. The Nike BOOM app is free. Check it out for the iPhone and Android and join the Team!


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