Over 300 events took place worldwide yesterday in honor of LIVESTRONG Day. This year’s efforts were lead heavily by our amazing group of LIVESTRONG Leaders – LIVESTRONG‘s global cancer activists. Below are three leaders sharing how they celebrated 10/2.


“Japan went yellow united in the global fight against cancer in honor and memory of loved ones! With the help of LIVESTRONG Leader Jack Brajcich and so many supporters and volunteers, Japan successfully held at least seven LIVESTRONG Day events in three major cities of Tokyo, Osaka, and Fukuoka. Walks, runs, rides and one triathlon! The biggest event was the 3rd annual LIVESTRONG Day Imperial Palace Walk/Run/Ride. A perfect example that anyone can get involved in their own community and make a positive difference for those affected by cancer!

As a grassroots event, it started small with only seven participants in 2009, 35 last year, and now over 100 participants this year! Participants of different nationalities united in the fight against cancer! There were even supporters from countries like Australia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Italy and the US participating in our event in spirit from their local communities.
We expect to be bigger and stronger even next year!

As a survivor, I?m reminded I?m not alone and further strengthened to beat cancer! For the 28 million cancer survivors like myself, fight on!”

Unity is strength. Knowledge is power. Attitude is everything.
Binzee Gonzalvo


“We had a terrific day! Loads of sunshine along the Snake River Levy and many, many great people came out to run, walk and share a meal in honor of loved ones and themselves as survivors and in memory of those we have lost. We handed out wristbands – and Frisbees – as well as welcoming a number of our four-footed friends. Our Captain Cure hydroplane, carrying survivor names, was in attendance. And did I mention yellow balloons? In abundance? The help of our fabulous Lewis Clark State nursing students and the support of the North Central Idaho Health Department meant a smooth event and also great signs about LIVESTRONG and cancer screening. And, of course, at a potluck the food is always amazing.”

Marcia Banta
LIVESTRONG Leader, Lewis-Clark Valley


“In celebration of LIVESTRONG Day 2011 we asked our supporters to wear yellow in honor of anyone effected by cancer. We took our Yellow and all of our LIVESTRONG information and manned a booth at the 2 day NBC 30 Connecticut Health and Wellness Festival. We spent all day Saturday and Sunday engaging people and teaching them all about LIVESTRONG and there mission. We handed out pamphlets, wristbands and survivorship notebooks as well as collecting emails to send out info in the future.

I personally had conversations in the course of the weekend that continued to remind me why we do what we do as LIVESTRONG Leaders. People sharing personal and private experiences with me because they saw we genuinely cared and had info that could help. I even had a women who recently lost a family member and broke down emotionally. As I hugged this women to try to comfort her, she fought back the tears and told me her brother wrote some poems before he passed and that she was going to have them published and donate the proceeds to “you nice people at LIVESTRONG“. As I think of her, I get choked up and think of how proud I am of all that we do at LIVESTRONG.”

Roger Levesque
Greater Hartford Area for LIVESTRONG

Thank you to all that participated in the year’s events. Please email us photos of how YOU celebrated LIVESTRONG Day and view them all at


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