A LIVESTRONG Day Message from Lance


Happy LIVESTRONG Day! Today marks the 15th anniversary of Lance’s cancer diagnosis. It is a special day for Lance and for the foundation. Thank you for celebrating your LIVESTRONG Day with us!


  1. cathy raats says:

    For Lance have a wonderful day. For his family, friends and especially his medical staff and carers a big thank you because if it wasn’t for all of you we wouldn’t have livestrong and all the wonderful work you all do.
    There is another thing to remember it is hope something all survivors and their families, friends and carers have in abundance because without it we wouldn’t succeed.

  2. mindy bruce says:

    I ma wearing the Discovery Jersey today…Thank you Lance for all you do…LIVESTRONG! GOD SPEED!

  3. Sarah Bice says:

    Because with out these important themes/pursuits HOPE is nothing but “hot air” or “wishful thinking”. Happy Livestrong
    Day LANCE ! in memory of my deceased father, cancer victim Murray Shevick MD, & all people that live with cancer – LIVESTRONG

  4. Frank Rosas says:

    I am a Survivor and I live Strong, Stay and Live Strong everyone. thank you

  5. Simon Pagdin says:

    Well done lance. Happy livestrong day.

  6. Have a nice LiveSrtong Day every one…
    Es momento de reafirmar el compromiso y Vivir Fuerte por una causa mundial…

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