LIVESTRONG Day is on SUNDAY, October 2nd! You have only 2 days to get yourself prepped so we have created a checklist to make sure you get and stay organized.

Step One:
Pledge: Almost 19,000 have made the pledge to celebrate LIVESTRONG Day. Visit and pledge to wear yellow with Lance on Sunday.

Step Two:
Check out the events in your area: There are over 300 events planned worldwide. There may be one in your city. Meet up with other cancer-kickers in your area and celebrate LIVESTRONG Day together.

Step Two part B:
Hosting an event? Make sure you utilize all the tools available to help you promote your event. These tools include the official LIVESTRONG Day logo, info on how to talk about LIVESTRONG Day, a customizable press release, a LIVESTRONG Day event poster, In Honor/In Memory and I Am a Survivor bibs and official LIVESTRONG Day creative guidelines.

Step Three:
Share your story. LIVESTRONG is about people. We know that the disease doesn’t just live in a lab, it lives in schools, in workplaces, in churches, in communities, in all of us. That is why our mission is to inspire and empower anyone affected by cancer. This year, we’ve provide a place to share your story with others, so make sure to add yours and share it on Facebook, Twitter and in email.

Step Four:
On LIVESTRONG Day, make sure to share your photos and events with us. Email your photos to our LIVESTRONG Day Posterous page: and visit to view photos of LIVESTRONG Day celebrations from all over the world.


  1. Claire says:

    I need to have that shirt! Thanks for these useful links, it’s good to series of events in Florida!

  2. cathy raats says:

    Like Claire I also need that shirt! Have a great day everyone. Enjoy all the events and Livestrong. Will be enjoying the day in South Africa.

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