Swing Fore Yellow 2011 Success!


Last weekend I was honored to attend the 3rd annual Swing Fore Yellow auction and golf tournament held in no less than Lance Armstrong?s hometown of Plano, Texas. Hosted by Steve and Lee Nagel, Linda Armstrong-Kelly and her husband Ed Kelly, this event has quickly become one of the most successful grassroots programs benefiting LIVESTRONG. This event weekend is living proof that you can do almost anything you like and contribute in the fight against cancer, so many thanks to all the folks who came out, and you can find out how you can participate by going to www.livestrong.org/grassroots – hope you like the video!

Missed the event in Plano, but love to golf and ? Join Swing Fore Yellow in San Diego on November 7th.


  1. Live Strong says:

    Thank you Chris for spending your weekend with us, along with Doug, Colleen, Ron and the rest of the LIVESTRONG crew. Thank you for giving us the platform to give back and make a difference!

  2. Great recap,and I loved watching the video which really highlighted the energy of the day. To all the LIVESTRONG Staff that attended and helped all year, THANK YOU! And, to all the SFY Volunteers & Committee that worked so hard all year to make that event happy…THANK YOU!

    We’re looking forward to our San Diego Swing! Fore Yellow event on 11/7!

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