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LIVESTRONG is about people. We are about the 28 million right now fighting cancer. We are about their family members, their friends, their coworkers and classmates. If there is one thing we know for sure it is that we ALL have a story to share and the more we share the stronger our community. That is why we invite you to share your cancer story with us in honor of LIVESTRONG Day. Visit the LIVESTRONG Day Website and add your story today!


  1. I am thrilled to announce that as of TODAY I AM A SEVEN YEAR CANCER SURVIVOR.

    Five years ago, on September 30th Lance Armstrong stood outside by window at City of Hope (He was kicking off his ride across America to bring awareness to Cancer ) and had his yellow “Livestrong” bracelet delivered to my room while I was about to have a Bone Marrow Transplant – Non Hodgkins Lymphoma – Stage IV.

    Lance Armstrong will forever remain significant to me. He has a special place in my heart..I have now followed in his shoes, and have started a movement called “Paying Hope Forward”..”Giving A Gift With A Lift”.

    As of today, I have accomplished multiple annual goals..including walking at the Rock and Roll Marathon..13.2 miles in 3 hours and 24 minutes. Last years goal was to write a book that would be “inspirational, motivational and educational” for the Cancer Soldier (I am an educator, public speaker, humorist).

    I am proud to announce the birth of “Still Breathing..from Cancer to Living..a comprehensive and personal guide”. My goal for this year is one of “Partnership”..I have been blessed with having seen 2,555 sunrises and sunsets (7 years). I am asking Village of Supporters to support my mission through purchasing my book for the cost of double$18.18 and “Giving this meaningful gift with a lift” to someone they now who is battling Cancer. They also can purchase additional books/provide donations so these books aka Cancer Bibles can be placed in patients rooms as a resource.

    Throughout our life experiences we have traveled on a variety of roads i.e. school, jobs, having children etc. where we have been provided with some “orientation” lines has to manage your new venture.

    In having Cancer, there are materials that address the surface of what we will face..yet there is NO actual book that speaks to the Cancer Patient who is “lost in translation”. I have provided a book..a “savoie faire”..that is a combination of a memoire..lessons learned and strategies. It is written is a formate that is easy to comprehend and process.

    During my journey I have spoken to multiple Cancer patients. Each one of us expressed the frustration of no one understanding what we are going through. We have all received multiple get well cards, meals that we can’t eat due to side effects of drugs, crossword puzzles or other games to engage in to help pass the time..however due to chemobrain we can not process how to solve problems.

    My book entitled, “Still Breathing..from Cancer to Living..a comprehensive and personal guide” has been written with the intent to shed understanding for the Cancer patient, provide meaningful strategies, and help the caregivers understand the perspective of what their loved ones are going through. An audio is also out.

    I have a website called There are snipets of my book,audio and written, a four minute utube of my presentations, some of my articles that I have written and been published. In the next few weeks a sample of my radio script will be entitled..”All you wanted to know about Cancer and afraid to ask” learn more about the show please contact agent.

    I would love to send you a packet regarding my program including my book/audio too.

    Please share where I can send this package.

    Please also know that all the work that has been done up to this date is because of the generous donations and support of a Supreme Saint called Fred husband. He has been extremely generous in investing my strong desire in “Giving Back”.

    Thank you so much for being there for people like myself..


    Michelle Pardes aka Still Breathing

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