How to Wear Yellow on LIVESTRONG Day


Looking at the calendar here at the HQ I couldn?t help but notice that LIVESTRONG Day is literally right around the corner, just a week from this Sunday on October 2nd.  The theme this year is ?Wear Yellow,? and thousands of people will be joining Lance on his diagnosis date 14 years ago to support LIVESTRONG and the fight against cancer. And since I?m an old-schooler here at the Foundation, that also got me thinking about what I am going to wear and I?ve decided to go with some of our core items.

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When we first started selling merchandise back in the late 90s (Before the invention of the LIVESTRONG brand) we literally had our inventory stored in a closet in a little house we rented in downtown Austin. The designs were clean and simple, the message clear.  And while we?ve definitely gown up in our distribution process over the years, our core tee shirts for men and women, as well as our ball caps, still reflect that solid, simple design.  These items, along with our wristbands of course, are our bread and butter, and I am always impressed with just how easy it is to pick people out of a crowd that are wearing this gear. The black and yellow color scheme just works: it?s classic, a solid look, and let?s people know you?re part of our team.

But I would be remiss if I didn?t also point out two other cool things going on in our store: a new line of gear for Fall 2011, and hey, who doesn?t like a sale?  Our great friends at Nike continue to push the envelope with new lines of clothing and accessories, from cool new shirts and jackets, to hoodies, backpacks, and gym bags.  Simply put, it?s top of the line gear?

As for the sale side of things, you can not only find some of the old school core items I?m going for – at an excellent price – but also solid cycling gear up to 40% off.  And if you get on board quickly we can still get your gear shipped to you in time for the Big Day next weekend! So check it all out, Wear Yellow on 10/2 and don’t forget to PLEDGE to wear yellow on our LIVESTRONG Day Website.

Thank you for all you do!


  1. mindy bruce says:

    The Livestrong Jersey is awesome.

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