Go Yellow on LIVESTRONG Day


LIVESTRONG Day is upon us and it is time to get ready to “Go Yellow”. LIVESTRONG Day is the foundation’s one day of global action and is held each year on October 2nd, the anniversary of Lance’s cancer diagnosis. LIVESTRONG Day is a day where we celebrate people in the fight, those that were able to pull through and those that we lost too young to this disease. Show your support for someone you know affected by cancer this October 2nd in many ways. Here are a few:

Buy and wear LIVESTRONG gear

Host a small LIVESTRONG event like a community walk or a bake sale, attending an event in your area or sharing your story on our website.

“Go Yellow” and LIVESTRONG your avatar on Twitter

Tweet about LIVESTRONG Day with the hashtags #WearYellow and #LIVESTRONGDay

Share you LIVESTRONG story.

Whether you are in Japan or Jordan, Tyler or Toledo, you can celebrate and share hope with those you love. What are YOU doing for LIVESTRONG Day?


  1. Patrick Chatfield, Seattle LiveSTRONG Leader says:

    Seattle! Spin with us!

    Join us for our FIFTH LiveSTRONG Day event downtown on Friday, September 30th! Wear yellow, bring your bike and trainer and spin with us!

    More information: http://rideforlivestrongseattle.blogspot.com

    Be part of the fun – spin, cheer/heckle, or show up wearing yellow!

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