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Add your face to LIVESTRONG?s Face Up To It mosaic by midnight tonight, and you could be included in our bold new video that we?ll be running in Times Square during the UN Summit. In addition to displaying the faces of thousands of our supporters in Times Square, we?re going to confront world leaders with the strength of our movement all over Manhattan.

Your face could appear on mobile bicycle billboards circling the UN and in our New York Times ad delivered to Heads of State in their morning paper.

From the moment they wake up, our leaders will see the faces of our global movement staring back at them everywhere they turn. Our bold public statement will be impossible to ignore and I want you to be a part of it.

Add your face before midnight to be included in powerful public displays in Times Square and around New York:

This is a truly historic opportunity to make unprecedented advances in the fight against cancer around the world. I hope I can count on you in New York.


  1. justin brower says:

    I want to thank lance armstrong for how he hows helped millions of people, not only people that are living with cancer. But his support with the livstrong foundation, lance armstrong is a strong person that doesnt only care about himself. But other people, lance armstrong is a caring person with a strong heart. And i wish there was more people like him.I tip my hat for lance armstrong,and knowing that he makes people have hope and puts a smile on there face. thank you justin brower

    1. Thanks, Justin. We are really lucky to have such a dedicated Founder and Chairman of the Board.

      1. Dr. Ritu Biyani India says:

        always inspired by Lancefrom his cycling feats to pedalling out cancer endeavor.
        Kudos Lance and his entire team
        Brooke i have been trying to upload my photo on the face up time sqaure last few days but somehow it says on click loading face up to it and then does’t open further.
        can i send it separately so some one from your side upload….
        best wishes and looking forward for positive outcome from the UN event

  2. justin brower says:

    thank you brooke mcmillan for responding back to my message and i hope you can share the message with lance armstrong

  3. I have always read everything Lance Armstrong wrote about cycling as well as about his struggle against cancer. When my mum got cancer it became all the more important for me to follow what Livestrong was doing.
    My mum died in Aprill this year. Life is a bit tough now, but I am more determined than ever to do everything I can to support the worldwide fight against cancer. i give my thanks to Mr. Armstrong as well as to his dedicated staff.

  4. SHiela Goznales says:

    Hi brook,
    I was trying to post a photo of my husband who is fighting brain cancer and my daughter who is a 5 year survivor of leukemia. I didn’t realize I could only get in one photo per email address as it seems. Is this the case? If I am able to change it or add another would you please let me know how. Thank you for all you are doing for our team. I ran the livstrong challenge here in Philadelphia and although I personally have not fought this fight, I ran for those who do. It was so empowering to be there and realize cancer doesn’t always win. Especially when we are LIVINGSTRONG! Thanks, Shiela Goznales

    1. Shiela,

      Thanks so much. You are only able to add one photo per email address. If you want to change the photo you have up there, send me the link that corresponds to your submission. You can find the link by going to and going to the ?share? options. Click on the email button. Email the link directly to me I?ll go in and delete everything and let you start over.

  5. cathy raats says:

    Answered Lance’s Doug’s and Heidi’s call the least I could do for all my Cancer dead and survivors in my family and for my father who had heart disease and for Diabetics and COPD sufferers the world over. Livestrong one and all.

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