UN Summit Countdown


For too long non-communicable diseases have been silent killers. Globally, 36 million people will die this year from cancer, diabetes, lung and heart disease and the epidemic is getting worse and worse each day. NCDs account for 60% of all deaths and in low-middle income countries they account for 80% of deaths. Now is the time to address this global problem and next week is our week to do it.

Listen to LIVESTRONG CEO Doug Ulman talk about how the UN Summit on Non Communicable Diseases meeting will change the face of global health.

There will be several events surrounding the UN Summit that we will be a part of next week. These events include: Lance speaking at a UN Roundtable, Doug and Lance presenting at the Mashable’s Social Good Summit, a special event at Columbia University and more.

Don’t forget to tell world leaders to “Face Up To” the global health crisis and add your face to the LIVESTRONG mosaic and stay tuned to the blog throughout this week and next for up-to-date information, recaps, photos and live-streamed events.

Find out more about the Summit and what we are asking from world leaders on our blog.


  1. Tom Frees says:

    I have tried all evening to lend my support, but could not connect to your site.

    Happy Birthday Lance!… We share the same birth day with 20 year difference.

    Keep fighting.


  2. Looking forward to the results of the UN meeting. Hopefully leaders will come together for some attainable, measurable, incremental goals. No matter what, a response to NCDs will have to come from diverse members of the scientific, policy, and medical communities.


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