Twitter Chat with UN Secretary General


As the UN Summit nears and world leaders prepare to gather in New York for the annual UN General Assembly, join LIVESTRONG and global leaders in a unique opportunity- a global conversation with the UN Secretary-General. The event will be streamed live on Facebook, Twitter, Livestream and UN Webcast from 11am-12pm EST tomorrow.

It?s your chance to get answers straight from the top, on the international issues you care about like how the issue of non-communicable diseases will be addressed in the UN Summit on the 19th of September. Your questions will be collected through Twitter, using the hashtag #asktheSG, and a moderator will put your questions to the Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon. Below are a few sample tweets:

UN Sec Gen: Will you hold world leaders accountable for outcomes of #UNSummit on #NCDs? #save36millionlives #asktheSG

Will you tell leaders that #NCDs are bad news for health and the economy and say yes to health at the #UNSummit? #asktheSG

#NCDs rank as a top global threat to economic development, yet receive >3% of health development funds. Why? #asktheSG

Please tweet these or other questions you may have for the UN Secretary General tomorrow from 11am-12pm EST, follow the hashtag #asktheSG and stay tuned to the blog for other great ways to get involved in the coming week.


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