Blake Mycoskie Visits LIVESTRONG


At LIVESTRONG we talk a lot about social entrepreneurship- the idea that a business can profit but also make positive social change. This new movement is benefiting from a massive uptick in interest in the past few years. One of the companies that was on the forefront of change is TOMS Shoes.

TOMS makes a line of comfortable shoes and clothing designed in homage to traditional footwear of Argentina. The company operates in a one-for-one model. For every pair of shoes that is purchased, the company will donate a shoe to children in need in third world countries. The lack of shoes in these areas of the world can actually be a barrier to education and cause the spread of illness and disease.

LIVESTRONG staff are partial to TOMS because of their comfort and their mission. We invited Blake Mycoskie, Founder of TOMS Shoes, to speak at LIVESTRONG Headquarters to share why he started TOMS Shoes and talk about TOMS next mission- eye-wear. We applaud Blake for creating such a powerful brand and giving back to the global community.


  1. Ranae Mogensen says:

    Congratulations to Blake and to Tom’s Shoes! I saw a (red) pair on a woman at a Red Sox game this spring and decided I just had to have them! The hunt was on. They were easy to find (Nordstrom’s). I chased them down for their style, but was so surprised and so moved when I read the insert that came in the box revealing that my purchase was going to benefit a child in need. Not only do they look great, but they are also super comfortable (feels like I’m wearing my slippers all day). And I love knowing that because I am wearing a pair, there is a child out there who is wearing a new pair of shoes. Thank you, Blake, for the difference you are making in this world. That’s what it’s all about!!!!!

  2. John Howley says:

    What an inspiration! The answer to many of our problems is not a binary, either/or acceptance of capitalism or rejection of capitalism. We can, should, and must create new paths that build on our strengths — including the pervasive spirit of humans to help one another. Thank you TOMS for creating a new business path, and thank you LIVESTRONG for promoting the message.

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