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This September, world leaders will meet at the UN to discuss cancer and other noncommunicable diseases. This is our chance to make cancer a global priority. LIVESTRONG is collecting photos of supporters like you from around the world to confront world leaders with the faces of our global movement. Join thousands of others and make sure that world leaders cannot ignore us.Face up To It

As our CEO Doug Ulman says, “We are not demanding miraculous breakthroughs or wonder drugs. This is about getting commitments from world leaders to implement proven solutions we already know can save millions of lives.”

Will you add your photo right now? Will you show world leaders the face of our global movement and help make cancer a global health priority? Join us.



  1. Reno Maenhout says:

    I am trying to use this link, it sents me to FB. but there I get this: Bad gateway.. I wat to Face up šŸ™

    1. It appears that the server was inundated with folks attempting to use the app. We have an additional way to upload your photo. Go to faceuptoit.livestrong.org

  2. From: Michelle Pardes, author of “Still Breathing..from Cancer to Living..a comprehensive and personal guide’..

    In May of 2003, I discovered a lump and my medical journey began. After months of being misdiagnosed (they thought I had Mononucleosis at 52 years old..the oldest person ever diagnosed with Mono was 38 years old) I learned that I had Non Hodgkins Lymphoma, Large B Cell, Stage IV.
    Within 24 hours I had to leave the world I loved..teaching elementary school and enter “The Frightening World of Cancer”. Timing is everything..the diagnosis came 6 weeks prior to my daughter’s wedding (yes, I made it to the wedding..however, the day after the wedding I had pnuemocystitis pneumonia..hospitalized for 3 weeks).
    After many rounds of unsuccessful chemotherapies, I was given a “life line” through the City of Hope. I tried and successfully was accepted into a Clinical Trial for Zevlin..highly radioactive targeted therapy (Lance Armstrong happened to be outside my window where I was in seclusion for he was kicking off his awareness bicycle race throughout the United States). I also had an autologous Bone Marrow Transplant.
    I overcame Cancer..HOWEVER no one can ever be prepared that your life will never be the same. I attempted to go back to teaching after three years of absence into the very same classroom I was removed from (strange occurence happened one week after my diagnosis..a former student of mine..same classroom was diagnosed with Lymphoma..his sister whom was also a student of mine had Brain Cancer and just passed away..Co-incidence??).
    After three more years of darkness, PTSD, and searching for the meaning of my survival..I decided that I still could teach..be the Story Teller I always was..and decided to write my book in order to “lead others out of the land of darkness into the world of light” with a mission for all that are walking in my shoes..to deliver my message of “Paying Hope Forward” as a Survivorship Coach, Humorist, author and speaker.


    Through my “Giving a Gift With A Lift”..my book which is booth inspirational, motivational and educational Cancer Patients have their own “Cancer Bible” guiding themselves through a variety of issues that come up using my “Travel Guide Tips. The book is in audio and I do have a website where you can see a UTube I just did.

    I am determined to make a difference in the lives of those that are touched by cancer..bringing hope and inspiration.

    “In a hundred years from now..it will not matter what clothes you wore, what house you lived in, what car you drove..what will matter is that you made a difference in the lives of others.

    With hope and wishing everyone “L’chaim” Life..

    Michelle Pardes aka Still Breathing

  3. Please include Radon gas in your information. It is the leading environmental cause of cancer mortality, the leading cause of lung cancer in nonsmokers, the cause of up to 14% of lung cancer deaths in the U.S. and no one knows what it is, what it can do, or if it is in their home or not. It takes the lives of over 21,000 people each year and can be prevented. Learn more on our website http://www.cansar.org and become a fan of our facebook page. http://www.facebook.com/radontee
    Please see the faces of those who didn’t know they were living with elevated levels of radon until they were diagnosed with lung cancer. Please help us save lives.
    Gloria Linnertz
    VP, Cancer Survivors Against Radon

  4. Jann LM Bailey says:

    I would like to add my name and photo to this cause but not through facebook. Is there another way I can provide my image to this important cause?

    1. Absolutely. Go to http://faceuptoit.livestrong.org and upload through the website. Thanks for supporting the 28mil affected by cancer.

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