LIVESTRONG HQ and the Road to Wellness


Contrary to popular belief, employees of LIVESTRONG are not required to ride a bike to work, run a marathon, eat organically grown fruits, or purchase free-range chicken breasts. The unique thing about the foundation, however, is that our leaders have created an environment where employees want to take part in and are educated in the importance of healthy behaviors. We think that this is what sets us apart from other companies and so does The CEO Roundtable on Cancer.

In 2008, LIVESTRONG received the CEO Cancer Gold Standard accreditation from the CEO Roundtable on Cancer in recognition of our effort to improve the health of employees and reduce their risks of cancer. The Gold Standard is awarded only after a company meets or exceeds the rigorous requirements set out by the CEO Roundtable on Cancer. To receive the award an employer must:

  • Create a tobacco-free environment and include free assistance for employee cessation
  • Sustain a culture that supports healthy food choices and provide access to nutrition/weight control programs
  • Promote physical activity and demonstrate a commitment to eliminating barriers to active lifestyles
  • Encourage appropriate cancer-screening behaviors and ensure that health benefit plans include cancer-screening provisions, preventative/screening tests and exams and provide access to all vaccines approved by the CDC for cancer prevention
  • Provide education and promotion of clinical trials and offer health plans that give access to trials

To highlight the importance of achieving CEO Cancer Gold Standard accreditation, Texas CEO Magazine gathered Austin’s most prominent civic leaders, CEOs and business leaders (including LIVESTRONG’s own Andy Miller, Executive VP of Mission) to discuss the importance of preventative care as well as tactics to incentivize workforces to become healthier. We invite you to read the newest edition of Texas CEO Magazine, pass it along to your HR team and start the conversation about promoting healthy lifestyles in your workplace.


  1. cathy raats says:

    I find it heartening that an organisationb or dare I say it a “State of Mind” promotes every aspect of the stepping stones to a healthy life for all its adherants. It isn’t easy to do so I gave up drinking 9 years ago and smoking for the past six monthhs and am now hoping to start a program of walking uner supervision and am a type 1 diabetic. I am a devotee of livestrong due to having so much cancer in my family but you help in so many other ways God Bless you

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