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This Summer?s UN Global Health Summit is our chance to make cancer a global priority. Sign on and tell world leaders to fight the global cancer crisis.

The question put to me was “why did you sign”, well my answer is “why wouldn’t I sign?”

It’s a no brainer isn’t it, why wouldn’t we all sign this letter, why wouldn’t we all want to lend our voice to those who speak up for us, those with loud, eloquent voices, those who people listen to.

Individually we are tiny voices, mostly never heard, but when we come together the sound of us will be deafening, and impossible to ignore.
Imagine the volume of all our tiny voices joined together. Our voices are spoken in many languages around the world, some are whispers, some are timid, some are brave and some have been ignored but one thing is for sure… Our LIVESTRONG voice is Loud and Proud, hear our voice, hear our shout… “LIVESTRONG

So my question to everyone is – why wouldn’t you sign?. I don’t think there is a person I know that wouldn’t sign this letter because everyone knows someone who has been affected by cancer and why wouldn’t we do everything in our power to help them, help them to survive..and then help them to thrive.

I was one of the lucky ones, when I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2004 I was living in the UK and had recently taken out private health insurance, my insurers were fantastic, approved my claim straight away, allowing me to have my operation within days of my diagnosis, and then the treatment programme kicked in, and as I said, I was one of the lucky ones, I had my chemo at home and I think that made a massive difference to how I dealt with the treatment, I was able to sit on my own bed, while my wonderful nurse sat next to me and administered the cocktail of Chemo drugs into my arm and when it was over, I was already cosy on my own bed and was able to have a quick snooze in my own surroundings before I went back to work an hour later.
I never missed a days work and I’m sure having the chemo in tranquil surroundings instead of on a hospital ward helped in that.

I signed this letter because why wouldn’t I want to fight for every other cancer patient to have the type of treatment I had, safe and secure in their own home, not lined up feeling like a “patient” on a hospital ward. Why wouldn’t I want them all to be able to sit on their own bed, surrounded by the things that make them feel safe and hopeful, a family member, a beloved pet, a favourite teddy, whatever helps them through this scary, unpleasant journey. So again I say – “Why wouldn’t I sign”

I signed for me, I signed for my Dad, my Grandma, my School friend, my 2 Aunties, my Godfather, my Grandfather, my LIVESTRONG friends, the journalist who wrote so eloquently about my last LIVESTRONG Day and then discovered he had cancer, for the fight he lost and for all of those still fighting and for all of those who will need to fight in the future.

Lastly but certainly not least of all, I signed for Lance – why wouldn’t I sign for a man that has done so much for 28 million of us, why wouldn’t I sign for a man who stands up and fights for us everyday, why wouldn’t I sign for a man who has made sure we are heard loud and clear. Why wouldn’t I?….. well, I would, and I did, make sure you do too.

Shu Milne
Mandeville en Bessin, France


  1. Bev Sexton says:

    I sign for my good friend Shu who is a great fighter and passionate to the cause of this wretched disease that has caused so much distress to families and loved ones. If you care about the people you love and our future generations, you will sign up, I sign up for my good friend Shu and my Aunty Molly who has been fighting breast cancer at the age of 80yrs old, only diagnosed in March 2011. To the bravest of the brave.

    Bev x

  2. Lara Cozens says:

    Get rid of the administration, get rid of cancer. If all the leaders and everyone did what is right and didn’t allow administration to slow things down, get in the way, add to the expense, and just be the excuse for failing. We would all Be strong and Live strong. Dig deep Leaders of the world! Go back to the time when your career had not taken you over and you believed in achieving good, throw away your weakness and find your strength and do it Now, please…..

  3. Martyn says:

    I signed for you, Shu. Who has never shown how scared you must have been. Who has never felt sorry for herself and who gives so much of her time to others. I signed for Ash and for Eva who both succumbed so quickly. And for Carol who lost her battle this year, after a ten year fight, who never wasted a moment of precious life even before she was diagnosed.

  4. Christine Davidson says:

    Iwould like to sign for my niece Lisa Davidson who had cancer of the stomache who has endured many years of treatment, but is thankfully still alive, still not well but able to enjoy her life with her children and grandchildren, limited though it may be

  5. Abel says:

    merci Shu pour cette merveilleuse et touchante lettre; merci d’avoir pensé à J M Cattelain, je pense qu’il aurait aimé publier ta lettre dans son journal afin que les français puissent mieux connaître la Livestrong et comprendre qu’il est important d’agir et d’être solidaires.
    thank you Shu for this marvellous and touching letter; thank you for having thought in J M Cattelain, I think that he would have liked to publish your letter in his newspaper so that the French could better know Livestrong and understand that it is important to act and to support.

  6. patricia wootton says:

    I am signing as a thank you to Shu, Jenny and all the others who encouraged me through the last few months. I had a mastectomy 36 years ago so it was a bit of a shock when the cancer returned last year. With the help of the doctors, my wonderful family and friends I am now well again and want to do as much as possible to help eradicate this disease for the sake of our children and grandchildren everywhere.

  7. jenny Luck says:

    I am signing for all the lovely people that I support who face difficulties everyday! And thank you Shu for supporting us all the time!!

  8. Margie lynch says:

    I am signing firstly because like my dear friend Shu says, why wouldn’t I? I am also signing because like everyone out there, I have lost someone very close to me, she had breast cancer, her name was Valerie, she was a gorgeous woman, who lit up a room when she walked in, she died 13years ago, and I still miss her.

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