Why I Signed: Valérie


This Summer?s UN Global Health Summit is our chance to make cancer a global priority. Sign on and tell world leaders to fight the global cancer crisis.

I signed in memory of my father. He was diagnosed with melanoma when he was 48 years old in 1998 and he died in 2001 when he was only 51 years old. He had chemotherapy, but the melanoma spread everywhere and eventually died from encephalic metastasis and meningeal bleeding.

I signed in honor of my sister. She?s an old cancer survivor. When she was 2 years old, she was diagnosed with Wilms? tumour. Her cancer was spread to one of her lungs. The doctors have removed her the spleen and the left kidney and had chemotherapy and cobalt radiation. She?s alive, she has side effects of treatments. She?s 38 years old. That does 36 years that she fought her cancer and she won.

I signed for me because I?m a young melanoma survivor. I received the diagnosis the October 5th 2009 when I was 34 years old.

Then this is very important to sign for the open letter for the cancer becomes really a worldwide priority and the heads of state take good decisions to the Summit in September then don?t hesitate to sign that takes only one minute of your time and I invite you to share the open letter with your family and friends.

My mother, my sister and me signed then why not you ?

Best regards,

LIVESTRONG Leader, France

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