Ride for Yellow: Liana’s Story


I ride for my mother, Leslie Gregory, because she is the reason why I ride. Six months before being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, she purchased a brand new cross country race bike from Steamboat Ski and Bike care and I was so envious, even though I?d never owned a mountain bike myself. Throughout her battle with cancer I begged her to let me borrow the bike but she would never relinquish the hope that she?d be better and back in the saddle.

After she passed away and I was left with the loss of her and her brand new bike, I decided that the best way to feel her presence and honor her was to ride as hard as I could. 9 years and countless miles in the saddle later, I thank her every day for sharing her passion for cycling with me. Even though I never had the opportunity to ride with her, I know that she is with me on every ride, my biggest supporter at every race, and is infinitely proud of the person that I?ve become because of her.

I am fortunate to honor her by participating in the Ride4Yellow Event in beautiful Steamboat Springs, Colorado on August 7, 2011. Please visit the Ride4Yellow website and join us for a weekend of activities for all levels of participants at: www.ride4yellow.com/info/registration

Even if you?re unable to make it out for the event, I encourage you to donate to the event. As a LIVESTRONG partner event, half of the proceeds will go to the LIVESTRONG foundation, and the other half will stay locally. Last year?s event raised over $70,000 for the cancer ward of the local hospital where my mother received such incredible love and care. www.ride4yellow.com/donate

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