Why I Signed: Henrike


This Summer’s UN Global Health Summit is our chance to make cancer a global priority. Sign on and tell world leaders to fight the global cancer crisis.

I signed the Open Letter in memory of my friends Ty, Courtney, and Sandra, who cancer stole from our lives. They deserved the chance to live their lives, get an education, start and raise a family, work on crossing items off their bucket lists, and just live the life of ?normal? young adults. Yet, cancer didn?t care about their dreams, aspirations or talents.

I signed because my cancer angels taught me never to give up hope. So, I?m hoping that this upcoming UN Summit will change the way we approach the global cancer epidemic, so that my friends and family members, who are in the fight right now, have the chance to live up to their full potential, pursue their dreams, grow old with their loved ones, and be a valuable part of their communities.

I signed for my amazing friends from all around the world: Jenny, Sara, Rachel, Lindsay, Andy, Pete, Michael, Francesca, Alexa, Nancy, Ashleigh, Alex, Gina and many more. Each one of them heard the words ?You have cancer?. Each of them deserves a cancer-free future. They deserve that we take this opportunity and turn our commitment of fighting cancer into real action.

I signed because unity is strength. It takes a global approach to act against cancer. Now, if you?re like me, you might think there?s not a lot a 33 year old German girl can do to change the way we tackle cancer. However, I believe there?s power in numbers and if people from Norway to Italy, from China to Mexico, from Australia to South Africa, from Germany to the United States unite, we can have a real impact on how world leaders address the global cancer crisis and make cancer a global priority.

Please join us. It only takes a minute of your time, but it will give a voice and provide hope to the 28 Million affected by cancer.

Henrike Hirsch
LIVESTRONG Leader, Deutschland
2011 Team LIVESTRONG Mentor
Region 8 – International

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