LIVESTRONG Staff Spotlight: Ashley Koenings


My name is Dan Byrd, LIVESTRONG‘s New Media Intern, and as a part of my summer internship I will be doing a recurring blog segment where I sit down and chat with some of the different faces at LIVESTRONG. I hope these conversations give everyone unique insight into what makes LIVESTRONG such a great organization.

Today I sat down with Ashley Koenings, who is a LIVESTRONG Navigator at the LIVESTRONG Cancer Navigation Center.

Ashley could very well be the busiest woman on staff. She is constantly taking calls, responding to emails, as well as talking to people in person who have been affected by cancer, so she can connect them with the services the LIVESTRONG Cancer Navigation Center provides.

The Center provides free, confidential one-on-one support to anyone affected by cancer. The center provides the following services:

  • Emotional support
  • Fertility risks and preservation options
  • Insurance, employment and financial concerns
  • Treatment concerns

Learn more about the different effects of cancer by visiting our website.

A good number of the people at LIVESTRONG share a passion for helping others, and Ashley is no exception. She says, ?I love my job. I help people affected by cancer, whether it?s finding them emotional support; or answering questions about treatments, their finances, or insurance, or talking about fertility preservation prior to treatment, its all about giving them support when they need it the most.?

Ashley certainly has her hands full; she receives about 30 calls and about 30 online intakes per day. The intakes mostly deal with financial concerns that are brought on by the burden expensive cancer treatments cause.

After spending just a short time together I think Ashley should run a clinic on multitasking. As I watched her juggle her time, I began to wonder how she stays motivated particularly when her job is pulling her in every direction.

She says the motivation comes from her belief in the LIVESTRONG manifesto, and from knowing that she is helping others.

Ashley also draws inspiration from the environment at LIVESTRONG. ?LIVESTRONG is such a great place to work, the people here are amazing.? Ashley adds, ?They are inspiring and passionate about the work that we do, and there is an energy you find, when you walk in the front door, that you can?t find everywhere.?

I believe Ashley radiates that energy. Ashley?s work is inspiring and I believe it stems from LIVESTRONG?s manifesto and the way it evokes a collective passion for helping others when they need it the most.


  1. 219Whistler says:

    Interesting stuff. Strong Living.

  2. mindy bruce says:

    Thank you so much for the bracelet you sent to my Mom.She is free of Cancer but they still want her to do Chemo. I don’t like that idea and neither does she.She is still doing organic everything and using the juicer.Wheat grass and herbs and carrots and using Saffron in her tea. No meat and just Fish.I am back in NY but i really want to be home with her,but i might in a month or two. Thanks to Livestrong and everyone who has gone through Cancer…All the best to them all. LIVESTRONG and beat it as naturally as you can. Pump up the veggies to the max… God bless Lance as he is my inspiration every day i ride. I ride for my Mom.

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