An Open Letter


The following is a letter from Lance Armstrong about a growing global health crisis. We hope that you will review and act on this information. There are lives hanging in the balance and it is up to us, the citizens of the world, to speak up.

Dear Friends,

What if I told you we had an opportunity to stop the world?s worst killers?

This September, world leaders are gathering at the UN for a historic summit on cancer and other non-communicable diseases (NCDs). The agreement they reach?and how they put it into action back home?will mean life or death for millions of people.
I?ve just written an open letter to world leaders, calling on them to face up to the global cancer crisis and make NCDs a top health priority. I?m writing to ask you to add your name to this letter right now.

If we reach 100,000 signers before the summit, LIVESTRONG will hand-deliver this letter and your signature to the UN Secretary General and key Heads of State.
Tell world leaders to step up and fight the global cancer crisis.

This isn?t about longshot cures or leaps of faith. We?re calling for proven strategies that we know will save millions of lives: increased awareness, early detection, access to treatment and ongoing care.

As a member of the LIVESTRONG community, you support the fight against cancer every day. But by signing and sharing this letter, you can put pressure on world leaders to make the same commitment.

The UN Summit is a one-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make fighting cancer a global health priority.

Read LIVESTRONG?s open letter and join us in telling world leaders to seize this historic opportunity:
Let?s make sure cancer survivors everywhere get what they need to face this disease head-on.

Lance Armstrong


  1. Wayne Taylor says:

    Awesome initiative, thank you LIVESTRONG

  2. Carl dyke says:

    To everyone at livestrong your doing such a amazing job please keep pushing and make a change

  3. We NEED to find a cure for Cancer and Diabetes. Now.

  4. Outstanding letter Lance.. good luck!

    Let’s change the world!


  5. Ton Luyk says:

    Just do it !

  6. F Ruppen says:

    This is such a worthy cause! C’mon people! Sign/RT/share!

  7. Jennifer Simon says:

    Please, make fighting cancer a global health priority.

  8. cathy raats says:

    Fully agree with sentiments expressed this needs attention worldwide especially where I live in Africa where access to screening and medication is so limited. Well done

  9. Ben Clifford says:


  10. Duncan Green says:

    Lance, thank you for being a figure head to help others.
    My wife worked for many years as a palliative care co ordinator
    In Manchester, England , until illness stopped her from working.
    She helped people and gave presentations in England and in Germany.
    I hope you have a fantasic response and wish you all the best for
    For the future.

    1. Gert Dekker says:

      Losing both my parents to cancer i know the difference between bein’ in a family and not. Now where ever I go I wear my Livestrong wristband and spread the word. If this simple mail helps only a Tiny bit, I think the world should respond to your request!
      I’m more then glad to respond.
      Thanks to all of you at Livestrong!!!
      greatings from Holland.
      Gert Dekker

  11. Louise ross says:

    Prevention desperately important too. Less smoking = less cancer

  12. david phelan says:

    I agree

  13. Alida Bosaz says:

    Thanks Lance for taking this action. I am with you on this; I am a survivor of two big “C”‘s
    Good Luck!

  14. Johan vd hoff says:

    good luck whith your mission

  15. Colin Campbell says:

    Totally support this, thanks Lance.

  16. Craig jones says:

    Lance people like you don’t come around much but when you do you change things in a big way.
    What you have done for Cancer research is a unbeliveable achievement, keep pushing and let’s make change.

    Thank you lance and the livestrong team

  17. Craig Titterton says:

    Let’s hope we get much more than 100.000 signatures, livestrong are doing such a fantastic job, well done & keep it up

  18. Colin Cooney says:

    Keep up the good work.

  19. I am so proud of your faith and strength wow you make us all so very very proud young man.

  20. Thanks Lance for making this awareness a global cause. We all need to Fight back against cancer. I am a ten year breast cancer survivor. I preach that early detection is key!

  21. Violetta Lewandowski says:

    Thank you Lance for everything you do. You inspired millions of people, including my husband, cancer survivor. You are his biggest hero!! Him and my son will never forget meeting you at Mont Tremblant event last year:) the yellow pompoms and the cow bell is still on his special shelf. Thanks again LIVESTRONG!!!

  22. We all need to stand united in this fight!!!

  23. Orlando Rosell says:

    Signed in memeory of my father, who lived strong for 20 years with prostate cancer until last june.

    Thanks Lance for everything you do for the cancer comunity.

  24. Bert Bruggeman says:

    Let’s make it happen. Livestrong!

  25. Melissa Meeuwsen says:

    In memory of my father who passed away from his battle with cancer in 2010. Keep doing what you do. Thank you, Lance.

  26. Sylvia Sims says:

    supporting all the way!!

  27. Dewitte roger says:

    we all agree and good luck whit your mission

  28. Jim says:

    In your slipstream!
    Thanks for all you do and have done…

  29. Michel says:

    Lost to many friends and my granddad due to cancer. Now my almost 79 years old mother suffers cancer too.

    1. We’d like to see how we can help. Give us a call 1-855-220-7777 or go online: Peace and strength to you and your family.

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