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Davis, California has been a hub of innovative thinking for generations, and it?s been a center for cycling and endurance sport as well. It?s in areas like Davis that great, new, and collaborative ideas can grow, take shape, and emerge to change lives for the better. It seems only natural then, that both Nissan and I will be headed out to join LIVESTRONG at the Davis Challenge this Sunday, July 10.

You know what it takes to truly appreciate the innovation represented by the Nissan Leaf? For me it was sitting at a traffic light on my bike, behind a huge diesel-powered ?dualie?. Because of the nature of the intersection, I was sitting a few feet behind the giant tailpipes of that monstrosity, and it was making an already hot day even hotter. Then the light turned green and the world briefly disappeared as I was engulfed in a cloud of exhaust. The Nissan Leaf will not immediately replace the massive dualie for the jobs that big trucks are needed for, but the technology used to power the Leaf is a crucial step toward producing emission-free vehicles of all sizes and uses.

Nissan?s relentless pursuit of innovation is what makes me so happy to be part of the Innovation for Endurance campaign in 2011. As a company, Nissan?s view on automotive innovation echoes my view on innovation for endurance sports. If you accept the status quo as being ?good enough?, you?re never going to win. You?re never going to achieve anything remarkable when you?re willing to settle for ?good enough?. Champions don?t stop pursuing improvements once they?ve won; they continue working just as hard ? or harder ? in order to stay on top and keep winning.

And that?s the same reason I enjoy participating in Team LIVESTRONG events, like the Davis Challenge. LIVESTRONG?s commitment to changing the way the world fights cancer has lead to innovations across the board, from patient navigation services and community programs, to addressing the global stigma surrounding cancer. They understand that cancer is a disease that continues to evolve, and so must the resources available to those affected by it.

Let?s be honest, Davis, California is also a wonderful place to ride a bike, so if you?re in the area, please join me and thousands more as we ride on July 10th in support of LIVESTRONG and the 28 million people battling cancer. And be sure to stop by the Nissan booth in the expo area to check out the Nissan Leaf. I?ll also be there to answer questions about training, nutrition and innovations in sports science (not the car). Go to www.facebook.com/innovationforendurance for more information about innovations at Nissan, and go to www.teamlivestrong.org for more information about the Davis Challenge.

Chris Carmichael
Lance Armstrong’s Premiere Coach
Peak Performance Expert

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