Team ClubSport


What is your name and where are you from?
Sheridan E. ?Dan? Stanton
Born and raised in Columbus, Ohio currently residing in Walnut Creek, California

In what event are you taking part?
Team LIVESTRONG Challenge-Davis Cycling

What is your cancer story?
A Pancreatic Islet Tumor became apparent after a vigorous workout. Within 10 days of discovery, the tumor (named Armand) was surgically removed along with part of my colon, pancreas and stomach. My weight dropped nearly 40 lbs in the next 9 days. Uncertainty as to the outcome would continue for several years until regularly scheduled CT Scans (Computerized Axial Tomography, CAT scan), blood tests and oncology doctor visits combined to confirm the surgeon?s success and no return appearances as of this writing.

What made you become a part of Team LIVESTRONG?

Glenda Smith is the Group Exercise Coordinator at Renaissance Club Sport (RCS) in Walnut Creek, CA. As a volunteer coach, I have the privilege of assisting Glenda with training club members for cycling events, triathlons and social rides. As riders often do, you get to know each other as the season?s progress. I learned of Glenda?s mom cancer, Glenda?s daughter Holly, battling breast cancer and now, her daughter Heather fighting lymphoma. LIVESTRONG Challenge San Jose was our first opportunity to ride as a team. Glenda is the driving force behind our involvement and is responsible for the continued participation of RCS.

What is your one piece of advice you would give to a cancer survivor in your situation?
It is difficult to suggest just one piece of advice to a survivor because of each person?s perspective on life. In my opinion, a cancer survivor should carefully consider their priorities and focus on life with a new energy in those actions, things and people that mean the most to them. A survivor has a ?second chance? to make life more of what they want it to be. This becomes an ongoing process and requires a level of thought and effort that may not have previously been applied.

After reading over this again, I would give this same advice to anyone.


  1. Stan TheMan says:

    Dan: you said: ‘A survivor has a ?second chance? to make life more of what they want it to be.’ Thanks for the reminder. As a 9-year survivor and a 5-year spouse survivor, we sometimes become complacent because of our length of survivorship. After coming up with excuses (once again) why I was not going to exercise, I read your post and gave it ?a level of thought and effort? (your words). So I?m lacing up right now to continue my quest to jog back into half marathon condition. Celebrating Life, because I can. Thanks again.

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