An Average Day at LIVESTRONG


The following is an email from The CEO of LIVESTRONG, Doug Ulman. Doug sends staff a weekly Monday morning email to help us frame our work for the week to come and keep us all focused on the big picture.

Dear Team,

Frequently people ask what an average day is like at the foundation. Someone asked me this very question last Wednesday and as a result I thought I would briefly summarize just a very few activities that furthered our mission on that very day, Wednesday, June 15, 2011:

  • Our team presented our anti-stigma work at the Global Health Council meeting which PBS documented.
  • We were invited by the WHO to moderate a United Nations preliminary Session on stemming global NCD’s and cancer.
  • The LIVESTRONG at School Program reached more than 239,000 students as the school year ended across the country.
  • Team LIVESTRONG Challenge hosted the YMCA and members of Dell Children’s at LIVESTRONG Headquarters. We are setting up an exercise program for kids that culminates in their running the 5k at the Austin LIVESTRONG Challenge in October.
  • We served 68 new clients through our navigation services in that day.

And finally, a woman who had contributed several times to our organization since 2004, and who had participated in some of our events, came to visit with Ron after he invited her to tour our HQ. After spending time with Ron, taking a tour, and visiting the navigation center she mentioned how impressed she was with our organization. She was so moved by our work and what she had witnessed first hand that she jotted a note and handed it to Ron in an envelope with a generous donation.

The note read “Dear Lance and the LIVESTRONG Foundation Team – Keep up the great work and keep inspiring so many of us to livestrong”.

This woman’s wonderful generosity is a testament to what each and every one of you do. She, and many, many others believe so deeply in our work and they are willing to support us with their time, energy and resources.

The items above are simply a few of the things that we did last Wednesday as a team. Only a few.

So while it is hard sometimes to answer the question of “what is an average day at LIVESTRONG” we all know the impact we are having and we must continue to forge ahead on behalf of all those whom we serve.

Maybe the answer to the question is that “we change the world for so many people with cancer each and every day.”

Have a great week!


This email is just as important for all you supporters as it is for LIVESTRONG staff. Thank you for your dedication to our mission and for giving us the opportunity to serve people affected by cancer every day.”


  1. How can I find out more please about the exercise program for kids that Doug mentions above? I coordinate Austin Safe Routes to School for the City health department; our goal is to increase the number and safety of kids walking and biking to school. An event/program like this would fit in nicely with our program, and we already partner with Dell Children’s and YMCA in our Coalition. Please contact me at provided email, thanks so much – Kristi

    1. Awesome! Let me find out for you. I’ll let you know asap.

    2. The contact person for the Survivor Challenge at Dell Children?s Hospital is Cindy Fitchpatrick and her information is:

  2. Scott Joy says:

    I believe the answer is, “At LIVESTRONG, we only have above average days!”

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