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LIVESTRONG, along with other NGO’s and partners, want non-communicable diseases (NCDs) recognized as a major cause of poverty, a barrier to economic development and a global emergency. One of the ways we are doing this is by taking part in multiple high level discussions at the United Nations. The outcomes of these discussions will provide an input to the preparatory process for the UN High-level Meeting on NCDs (New York, 19-20 September 2011).

The following webcast is one of those meetings. Our very own Chief of Staff, Morgan Binswanger, will moderate three roundtables today to discuss the scale of the NCD challenge, what is needed to enhance global cooperation and the national and local solutions to address NCD’s. We invite you to post your questions about our efforts in the comments section below.


  1. sharon wood says:

    does this include, ptsd, an other “mental ” disorders that keep one from the “work” place.

    1. I spoke with our Director of Health Policy, Loyce Pace-Bass. She said she will have a better answer for you tomorrow, but they are involved peripherally. Stay tuned.

    2. Sharon- Here’s the response from the Director of Health Policy at the foundation:

      “Although the upcoming UN summit is focused on four key NCDs (Cancer, Heart Disease, Chronic Respiratory Disease and Diabetes) and their risk factors, advocates hope discussions and global commitments help to inform or encourage more attention in other areas, such as mental health or injuries.”

      Let us know if you have any further questions.

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