On the Passing of Laura Ziskin


The following is a post from Lance Armstrong in response to the passing of Laura Ziskin- producer and co-founder of Stand Up to Cancer.

The cancer community has lost one of its greatest leaders with the passing of Laura Ziskin. Laura united us in a way no one else could have and she was taken from us far too soon. Laura worked for a future where cancer no longer exists, where our loved ones are no longer taken from us by this disease. She did so in her typical way, with relentless determination and energy, and her efforts brought new life to our cause. We must fight that fight more fiercely now, for Laura and for all those we’ve lost. Laura was a good friend and partner to me. I’ll miss her very much, as will the whole LIVESTRONG family. Our thoughts are with Laura’s loved ones and friends.

-Lance Armstrong

Elizabeth Edwards, Laura Ziskin, Lance Armstrong at a 2008 Stand Up to Cancer Event


  1. Elizabeth Paige says:

    Have just heard my sister-in-law has breast cancer. My brother and sister are cancer survivors and we lost our mother and father to cancer. I always look to this website for strength and encouragement. Yet another battle begins.

    1. Elizabeth- We’d like to help your family. Send us an email and let’s see how we can help you guys. Go to http://bit.ly/lsform and fill out some info about your family. We’ll contact you with info and support.

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