A LIVESTRONG Leader Story: Nik White


Through the LIVESTRONG Leader program, we engage individuals across the globe who are passionate about and committed to making cancer a priority in their own community. LIVESTRONG Leaders are vital to the success of LIVESTRONG by helping raise awareness, recruit and engage others in the LIVESTRONG movement, fundraise and advocate to their elected officials at the local, national and global level. Below is an interview from LIVESTRONG Leader Nik White.

What does LIVESTRONG mean to you?

For me, LIVESTRONG give rise to a change in personal attitude as someone who is living with cancer it gives hope, and with hope comes the letting go of the negative emotions that go along with this illness.

Lance has said that he was angry at the world! That was initially my first reaction..
Adopting the LIVESTRONG principles changes everything and turns each day into a gift. It gives the chance to excel, fight back and inspire others. From a first few steps to a marathon.
LIVESTRONG to me is hope, and with that all things are possible.

Why are you a leader?

Being a leader allows me the privilege to partake in the ‘inspired action’ of others. It provides the opportunity of service and utilize my skills forged not only from life experience, but also from the world of aviation.

A good leader encourages and enhances the experience of those around then, allows them to shine. A wise man once said, ‘do not think you have the monopoly on good ideas’ and so this has proved true. To lead, helps others to give of their best and to focus every persons efforts for the benefit of the wider community.

What are you doing in your community?

This year i have concentrated on establishing greater links with other UK leaders, to see how best to promote the LIVESTRONG ethos and bring greater awareness of the L-A-F to this side of the Atlantic.

Hopefully LIVESTRONG will eventually mean the same too every person worldwide, while embracing local customs and requirements. Essentially it means too fight back against this illness from everyone.

To this end the UK leaders are having our first ever meeting on the 18th June to co-ordinate our efforts and look for strategies to raise the profile of LIVESTRONG here in the UK.

Nik White


  1. Rose Biondo says:

    Nik, your determination and leadership are inspiring. I loved how you spoke about your initial anger, and your conscious efforts to focus on hope and leadership. Your action resulting in the first meeting in the UK to coordinate efforts and profile of Livestrong is awesome.
    All the best to you. Strong healing wishes and hugs from across the pond.

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