Welcome to Kansas City

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LIVESTRONG staff arrived to the beautiful Kansas City yesterday to get ready for the grand opening of the LIVESTRONG Sporting Park. We were BLOWN AWAY by the stadium?s amazing exterior and interior.

LIVESTRONG and Sporting Park of Kansas City joined forces to revolutionize the way people engage in the fight against cancer. The park is 100% tobacco free and has the LIVESTRONG message sprinkled throughout the stadium. At the top of the seating there is even a yellow chair amongst a sea of blue. The chair is seat 7 ? a nice touch.

Over the 5 year agreement, LIVESTRONG Sporting Park will donate $7.5 million to the foundation to further our mission. LIVESTRONG will be investing 1.75 million in Kansas City for programs of those affected by cancer. This is the first philanthropic stadium in the world and we are so proud of this partnership.


Tonight at 9pm the Kansas City Sporting Club and the Chicago Fire will hit the field in the inaugural game. We love the city of Chicago too, but I think we will be rooting for the home team. Tomorrow we will bring you footage and photos from the evening. If you are in KC for the game tonight, drop by the LIVESTRONG booth in the plaza. We?d love to meet you!