Tour of California Watch Party Recap


Yesterday Team LIVESTRONG staff, participants and soon-to-be participants gathered at the national Bicycling Hall of Fame in Davis, CA to watch Stage 3 (should have been 4) of the Tour of California. It was a great event and it was great to see a lot of folks come out and express their excitement for the upcoming Team LIVESTRONG Challenge Davis.

The guys from the Hall of Fame were great and could not have been any more accommodating. Thanks to Joe, Fred, Anthony and Brodie for being there to help out all day! The museum was open to explore and it was very cool to see some of the exhibits on display from the legends of the ?cycling world?. Some of my favorites included an early design of one of the first bicycles created, a mountain bike with a bamboo frame and bikes rode in the Tour de France.

Throughout the course of the afternoon people filtered in and out to grab some food, watch some of the live coverage and head back to work. A crowd of about 40 people were there in the final kilometers of the stage to watch Team RadioShack?s Chris Horner breakaway from the pack to win the stage in a commanding fashion?and take overall lead of the tour!

It was a fun filled day hanging out with our Davis friends, hearing their stories and listening to their passion for LIVESTRONG, and I cannot wait to July 10th to be back and for the Challenge. Davis is a great city that is very enthusiastic about cycling (as evident by the ridiculous amount of bike shops in the small city).
Some of the attendees were excited to learn about our Community Impact Project voting that is taking place now. When they heard that they can actually bring LIVESTRONG programs to organizations in their communities people became very excited, some even voted on the spot!

It is always rewarding to know that the work we are doing at LIVESTRONG helps people and makes them happy to be involved with our organization. At the end of the day, that is why LIVESTRONG exists and I am glad to be a part of it!



  1. john says:

    Shame this whole thing is a fraud built upon a cheating fraud.

    1. I am glad to answer questions you may have about funding, how we spend our money, the beginnings of the foundation- which started 6 months after Lance was diagnosed while he was still in treatment. Please send us your concerns as we are able to answer anything regarding the Foundation’s efforts to help the 28 million people world-wide affected by cancer.

      1. Daryl Cober says:

        Hi Brooke,

        You’re obviously an important member of the Livestrong team. I hope you can help direct me.

        When I think of Livestrong I think of Lance, although it has certainly become it’s own entity. A little about me, I was drawn to Lance as I prepared to compete in my first triathlon. I finished two a few years ago, before moving across Canada, back to where I was born, with my wife and kids. At age 40 I was diagnosed with lymphoma, underwent surgery, chemo and radiation and finished treatment about 9 months ago. My kids have been affected at an earlier age than most by this disease and wear the Livestrong bracelets. They know of Lance because I spoke of him inspirationally through my own training. I coach my son’s hockey and my daughters softball teams and use the occassional reference to Lance, among others, for inspiration.

        My comment is that your site seems very ‘big’. I’ve been pursuing a number of avenues and trying to find the right fit for how I progress in my survivorship and help others and I would like to learn more about your organization, your reach into Canada etc., but quite frankly, I don’t know who to speak with. If you can help direct me I would appreciate it.

        Daryl Cober

        1. To find what activities are going on specifically in Canada by many of our supporters, you can access the LIVESTRONG Leader search to see if a Leader exists in your area. Leaders are community LIVESTRONG representatives that do activities to support LIVESTRONG and their community. Also, you can use the grassroots fundraising search to find events in your area to support. For additional engagement opportunities, email

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