The Wristband and Beyond


LIVESTRONG is about people. It’s about the people fighting cancer, their family, friends neighbors and colleagues. It’s about helping them to find the strength within to push through the hard times.

In 2004 the wristband entered the world and changed the way people talked about cancer. There have been more than 80 million distributed to date. That’s 80 million people that wear the band and 80 million that know there is more behind it than a piece of silicone. It’s a symbol of hope.


  1. JERRY L. GRIGGS says:

    We have a High School festival soon and i would like to pass out the yellow wrist bands which I’ve been wearing for 5 years now, being a cancer survivor. How can I I order them?

    1. LIVESTRONG says: to order in bulk. Thanks for your support!

  2. Mattman0140 says:

    I Was wondering can i get a new one i got a new one today but it was to small

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