Tour of Cali: Stage 1 and 2


As everyone knows, there are a set of universal topics that everyone feels comfortable talking about: the weather, the best lunch spot, and even Donald Trump. But I?m happy to report that the unusually slow start for the Amgen Tour of California has uncovered another emerging topic where everyone feels like they can be a contributor. And that topic is the LIVESTRONG wristband.

The power of the wristband makes complete strangers brag about how many survivors they know. It makes it cool to talk about volunteering for other charity rides or sharing how you fundraising for the TEAM LIVESTRONG Challenge with others so they too will join the event. The LIVESTRONG wristband has broadened how we define community and there?s no better example of that than how easy it is to strike up a conversation at the Amgen Tour of California in 27 degree weather, when it?s snowing, in May.

Team LIVESTRONG Staffer Matt Florio

The conversations show that the work we do is making a difference on the streets and in the lives of everyday people. I get excited when I hear that people have already signed up for the Team LIVESTRONG Davis event or that they actively supported The California Cancer Research and Prevention Act. But what is most encouraging is when they tell me that they told someone about LIVESTRONG and that we helped them find the confidence and resources to face their diagnosis head on.

Sure, it was snowing on May 15 in Tahoe and the ride was cancelled. But while the weather may have been news to some people, I was in awe of the 5 survivors I met who shared their stories with me.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the Tour of California watch party. The party is today 11:30am-6pm at the Cycling Hall of Fame in Davis (303 3rd Street, Davis, CA). We are serving light appetizers and drinks. Come, bring a friend and Go Team RADIOSHACK!


  1. Ginna Baldassarre says:

    We’ll be out at San Jose Stage 4 at the Team Radio Shack booth from 11am-4:30pm today at the Berryessa Community Church on Piedmont and Sierra Rd (below the finish). Make sure you all come by and see us!

    San Jose Livestrong Leader

    ps. Nice picture, Matt. 🙂

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