Patient Empowerment Forum: South Africa


This week, LIVESTRONG made great strides in our global fight against cancer as one of our key projects – the Survivor Empowerment Initiative in South Africa, which began nearly 18 months ago, came to a pinnacle. The goal of the project is to empower survivors to become cancer control advocates and to prepare local cancer organizations to plan and host a Cancer Survivor Forum- a stakeholder meeting which brings together cancer survivors, media, NGOs, advocates, and representatives from the health sector and government to address a broad range of quality of life and survivorship issues. What sets a Forum apart from a conference is that it places the survivor stories at the center of the discussion, both bringing a human face to problems in the cancer care system, and creating a platform for open communication and honest dialogue.

Photos by Alpheus Media

LIVESTRONG and the American Cancer Society are proud to support South Africa?s first ever Cancer Survivor Forum this week- planned by Campaigning for Cancer, a local cancer advocacy NGO, and their partners. The Forum took place May 12th and 13th in Cape Town at the City of Cape Town Council Chamber Civic Centre- and was an opportunity for community members from all over the country to express their needs about quality of care, attitudes, practices, policies and services. What will come of this powerful and emotional meeting of minds and hearts? A survivor-informed National Call to Action on cancer which will be developed and promoted by a diverse set of stakeholders and will benefit all South Africans affected by this disease.

Stay tuned as we share news and outcomes from the Western Cape!

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