Happy Anniversary, Wristband


Today is the 7th anniversary of the LIVESTRONG wristband. The foundation started in 1997, just months after Lance was diagnosed with cancer. A few years later a little yellow silicon band changed the history of our organization and the way people talked about cancer worldwide. We appreciate all those that purchased one of the 80 million wristbands distributed to date. Here’s to all the cancer survivors everywhere that have worn the band and found strength, courage and hope over the past 7 years.


  1. Joe Hickl says:

    How great is was to have my oncologist do my 6 month post-op exam and tell me the scans, lab work, listening to my lungs and heart indicate that I have no evidence of cancer! On the anniversary of the wristband I have been wearing I get to hear I will be off chemo and only need periodic checkups. I haven’t heard those words since July 2007, 4 surgeries ago!

  2. Libby says:

    Wow! I can’t believe it’s been 7 yrs since I got my first one! Ironically, I just bought my 7 yr old his first one on the 17th, honest to God! And we had a talk about why the braclet was made and about cancer. You guys are doing amazing things in the fight against cancer! Long live Livestrong7

  3. Simon says:

    Looking for the Lance Livestrong Spinning Bike once sold at Harrod, UK, but can’t find it any where in the Web? Advice?

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