International Nurses Day


Today is International Nurses Day. A day dedicated to a group of individuals that tirelessly care for and support those in need. Remember back to a time when you were either in treatment where a nurse held your hand or went the extra mile for you. Think about those nurses today and show your appreciation.

LIVESTRONG supports nurses and understands the importance of their role in the healthcare system. LIVESTRONG and the Nurse Oncology Education Program (NOEP) collaborated to create a free, video continuing nursing education (CNE) opportunity for nurses in all fields of practice.

The Adolescent and Young Adult (AYA) Cancer CNE focuses on the unique physical, emotional and practical needs of the 15-39 age group and addresses the unique challenges faced by this patient group that has historically been overlooked. The 30-minute CNE is free to take, offers 1 contact hour and is available on NOEP’s website.

The CNE is divided into five topics, or “modules”, which include:
1. Delayed diagnosis
2. Access to care
3. Knowledge gap
4. Emotional needs
5. Practical needs

We encourage all nurses to take a look. The CNE is not open to just oncology nurses, but for all nurses in primary care settings. Take a look and let us know what you think.

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